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Penta TP ball with 5 solid layers

Posted by on Nov.17, 2010, under golf balls, golf equipment Comments Off on Penta TP ball with 5 solid layers

Penta TP is the tour ball known for its 5 layers. Each layer is designed to contribute to different shots and these solid layers are: cover, outer mantle, middle mantle, inner mantle and core.
That level of performance could not be achived with four piece ball. Penta TP provides soft feel of the putter, high spin rates of 9 iron and wedgesw, lower spin and better overall control with 6-8 irons, optimum lunch with 3-5 irons and maximum distance with the driver.
This design made it possible for each layer to get progressively faster from the core to outermost mantle and that is what optimizes driving distance for a variety of swing speeds.
Because of multipurpose nad multitasking players like Dustin Johnson, Retief Goosen, Pat Perez, Sergio Garcia and many others decided to play with this ball.

Penta TP 5

Penta TP Golf Ball

Taylor Made burner plus irons

Posted by on Oct.28, 2010, under taylor made burners Comments Off on Taylor Made burner plus irons

Taylor Made burner plus irons are known for its large club face and thick topline. They have an increased degree of offset that makes it easier to point clubface to the ball and promote a distance enchancing draw.
Taylor made Burner plus irons look strong and easy to launch and that is exactly how they are made. Theitr inverted cone technology consists of inverted cone milled directly in the back of the clubface. Result is drastic variation in face thickness. Final result of inverted cone technology is consistent distance on mis hits. This technology was originaly imagined for Taylor Made drivers but eventually it moved to taylor made iron golf clubs.
Taylor Made burner plus irons are designed with multi functional sole. The sole of the club is beveld at the back and that makes constant results possible. The beveld sole creates low, deep center of gravity making launching easier. The heel and toe of taylor made burner plus irons are also recessed, this reduces a drag.
This mentioned super fast technology involves the usage of lightest imaginable materials for golf club making. It means lighter shafts, lighter metal, lighter grips and so on. Taylor Made is producing one of the most forgiving club heads.
These products can serve and benefit any golfer. It is hard to imagine product on the market today that seriously competes with burner plus.

taylor made burners

Taylor Made Burner