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Penta TP ball with 5 solid layers

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Penta TP is the tour ball known for its 5 layers. Each layer is designed to contribute to different shots and these solid layers are: cover, outer mantle, middle mantle, inner mantle and core.
That level of performance could not be achived with four piece ball. Penta TP provides soft feel of the putter, high spin rates of 9 iron and wedgesw, lower spin and better overall control with 6-8 irons, optimum lunch with 3-5 irons and maximum distance with the driver.
This design made it possible for each layer to get progressively faster from the core to outermost mantle and that is what optimizes driving distance for a variety of swing speeds.
Because of multipurpose nad multitasking players like Dustin Johnson, Retief Goosen, Pat Perez, Sergio Garcia and many others decided to play with this ball.

Penta TP 5

Penta TP Golf Ball

Taylor Made custom golf clubs – first choice for proffesional players

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Gary Adams produced Taylor Made golf clubs in 1970s. He was trying to change and improve his own game and was not happy with traditional Wood clubs. He released his metal wood in 1979 but it was not regonized for its true value and advantages. Somehow he convinced number of golf players to use his glubs during that years PGA tour. After that interest grew enormously and sales sky rocketed and by early 1980s it was a club of choice.
After the initial revoultion with metal wood Taylor Made went through period of stagnation due to the lack of new inventions. Other better established golf product manufacturers took over. It was so untilil mid nienties when Burner Bubble driver was introduced. This inovation increased fastness of the swing without any extra effort.
Nowadays Taylor Made dominates PGA tour and other competitive tours. Because of their high ranging product line their product are in favor with amateurs and professionals equaly.
Cooperating with Adidas in 1997 Taylor Made Adidas golf came to the light. Both companies were extremly inovative in their fields and success was granted. They developed Climacool performance fabrics used in golf attire and the 3rd fit foam for their shoes. They also added golf bags , stands and golf balls to huge range of products. Recently they introduced Moveable Weight technology in their golf clubs together with fanous Rescue club.Today Taylor Made is one of the greatest names in the world of golf. They have increased sales and have constant desire to improve and change already excellent products. Knowing all this its to be expected to see them around in coming years with more advanced technolgies and design.