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TaylorMade-Adidas Golf Company

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As many of you probably already know TaylorMade-Adidas Golf Company (TMaG) is subsidiary of German Adidas Group. Company’s headquarter is located in Carlsbad, California USA. The inventor of metalwood Gary Adams founded TaylorMade back in 1979. Since then company maintain its presence at the top of golf product innovation.
Adidas bought TaylorMade in 1997. Company was independently owned before. After the Adidas bought company TaylorMade changed their image and focus to take over the golf driver market. At the end of 2005 TaylorMade achieved this goal and since than TaylorMade is No.1 driver in golf. In 2006 TaylorMade Adidas reached company’s first 1 billion Dollars revenue year. It was only second company that achieved that goal in golf industry at that time.
TaylorMade drivers, irons, fairway woods and hybrids, golf balls and wedges, are the main company’s markets. When it comes to putters TaylorMade’s Rossa brand is solid. Dick’s Sporting Goods – exclusive vendor for TaylorMade economy lines – , bought Maxfli brand from TaylorMade Adidas in 2008. Noodle golf balls which was developed by Maxfli is only product from Maxfli that TaylorMade still have as its own brand.
“Clima cool” performance fabric and “3D Fit Foam” in the shoes are technologies used by Adidas Golf. Thanks to that Adidas Golf is one of the leading golf apparel companies in the industry.
Knowing all this facts it is no wonder that more PGA Tour Professionals play with TaylorMade drivers than Nike, Callaway, Cobra, Cleveland, and Ping combined.

How to pick your golf outfit

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Golf clothing is an important item for the game. It is a fashion statement, shows taste and enthusiasm. Golf clothing is part of history of the sport. Golf players have special apparel that accentuates the game and their standing in it.
Image of golf player through ages built an impression that golf player is a whelaty person. Golf attire is undeniably pricey but with amazing offer and variety its legitimate to ask if game still claimes the same air of nobility.
Like in every day life it is not just to judge the book for its covers. Golf clothing same like clothing for other sports needs to be durable, comfortable and good looking. These main factors define all sports attires.
There is of course line for men as well as for women and juniors. However some patterns and colors can be cute or fashionable some cuts have to be respected for maximal achivement in the sport of golf.
It’s not only about cuts and shapes there is a list of neccessary items, too.
Golf shirt with collar or polo shirt is the must. It has to be comfortable and breathable. It has to dry easily and guarantee coolness
Golf caps are worn to provide protection and not as a fashion statement. They primarily protect face and neck from the sun
Pants are protective outfits and they are climate bound. jeans and denim are not an option
Shoes, too must be picked according to the climate conditions.
Calloway and Adidas are known for their golf clothing collections. There are other well known names in same bussines. If you shop for golf attire bear in mind that discount clothes are available in so many different places.

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